Sample Prices

Sample Prices for Dog and Cat grooming.

Prices will vary depending on condition of coat, behavior of dog or cat, and length of time between grooming.  *Extra charges also apply to de-tangling, undercoat removal, or shaving of matted pets.

Toy Poodle$50-$65
Miniature Poodle$65-$75
Standard Poodle$75-$100
Cocker Spaniel$60-$70
Labrador Retriever$45-$55
Golden Retriever$65-$85
Pomeranian $50-$65
Schnauzer; Mini$50-$65
Schnauzer; Standard$65-$75
Schnauzer; Giant$65-$85
Lahsa Apso$55-$65
Please Call for more breed/pricing info.
Nail Trim; Any Dog$10-$20
Cats *Depends on condition of coat
Cat; Shave Down (nail trim included)$65-$100
Cat; Grooming & Bath, Short Hair, no mats. (nail trim included)$45-55
Cat; Grooming & Bath, Long Hair, no mats. (nail trim included)$45-$65
Nail Trim, any cat$10-$15
Sedation Cat Grooming Available. (Tuesdays Only)Please call us for details. Cat will be groomed by Quality Grooming at Affordable Veterinary Services.
Extra Charges Apply For De-Tangling, Undercoat Removal. or Shaving Matted Pets. The more work and time, the more we charge. Charges are determined by the amount of time over the allotted time of standard grooming as follows:
$10 per 1/4 hour.
***Please Note: We DO NOT do de-matting. De-matting is painful for the dog/cat. We will give the pet a short clip and start over. We will gladly show you how to do upkeep on the pet's coat to prevent matting. Also, getting the pets groomed more often will help avoid matting.